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What We Do

Decathlon Digital: Powering sports for tomorrow.

Guided by our corporate North Star – to move people through the wonders of sport – our goal is to enable Decathlon to become the biggest digital sports platform and open ecosystem, empowering sports lovers and athletes everywhere.

We design innovative software, data, security, and robotics solutions to deliver a seamless and secure ecosystem of sports products and services to our 400 million customers and users worldwide while enabling our 101,000+ teammates to thrive.

Join us on this journey to build the future of sports technology.

Our teams

We’re changing the game for good

We’re in this for the love of the game. And with that love comes great responsibility. That’s why we are embarking on a journey to create a more sustainable tech model, reducing our direct environmental impact while maintaining a safe, diverse, and inclusive space for all our teammates to learn and thrive together. Team up with us to design the digital future of sports, with a focus on three key areas.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

When we say, "Move People Through the Wonders of Sport", we mean everyone.

To achieve this, we must better reflect the people we serve.

How do we get there?

First, we are committed to building stronger teams with diverse profiles and personalities. We also pledge to create and maintain the conditions for an inclusive environment and a more equal playing field where everyone feels welcomed and valued, regardless of gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation, or disability status, etc.

Let’s work together to cultivate an environment where the joy of sports – whether behind the scenes or on the playing field – is more accessible for all.

Green Initiatives

Going green is a marathon, not a sprint!

How do we get there?

Through initiatives like 'Digital For Green' and 'Green for Digital,' we harness the power of technology to drive positive change, measuring our environmental impact and transforming our Digital organization into a beacon of sustainability.

Guided by a legacy of constant innovation and our vision of a world where technology and ecology thrive together, we aim to serve our customers, our colleagues and the planet.


At Decathlon, achieving circularity means forging a future where every purchase contributes to a more sustainable world.

Our ambitions for 2026 are to reach 1 billion EUR in circular sales and position ourselves among the Top 10 Circular Brands.

How do we get there?

Through innovative projects that demonstrate our commitments to adding value, like second-life products, rentals, and repair services.

Our digital tools enable customers to get estimates for buybacks, access rentals, and engage in self-repair, contributing to a circular economy that extends product and raw material life cycles and creates value with compelling business logic while significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

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