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Global Sports Experiences fueled by Digital

5,000+ teammates dedicated to scoring the next sports revolution through digital and tech innovations.

Decathlon Technology - HOMEPAGE

Decathlon Digital is the starting block for powering sports for tomorrow.

We empower sports lovers and athletes worldwide with innovative, connected sports products and secure our teammates' digital worlds. We engineer software, data, security, and robotics solutions to provide a seamless ecosystem of sports products and services to our 400 million clients worldwide while enabling our 108, 000+ teammates.

We’re in this for the love of the game, uniting sports and tech to unlock limitless possibilities and inspire excellence.
Join us on this journey where the future of sports technology is now.

Tech & Digital at Decathlon

Find out more about our secure and seamless ecosystem of products and services which helps so many people enjoy sports and their benefits and which our 1700+ stores, 90 warehouses, and 9 sports innovation centers worldwide rely on.

Decathlon Technology - HOMEPAGE
Decathlon Technology - HOMEPAGE

Devices and softwares for 100 000 teammates in 60+ countries

We manage and secure around 30 000 devices worldwide. We also build software and robots which our  designers, engineers and teammates in stores and warehouses depend on. Technology helps us manage the life of our products from A to Z - from design to end-of-life.

Decathlon Technology - HOMEPAGE

New experiences online, in-store and at home

We build tools for retail such as international mobile-first e-commerce solutions handling second-hand sales and rental options, RFID labelings, scanless cash tills, teammates apps and workshop softwares but also connected sports products and apps like Decathlon Coach and Decathlon Outddoor.

Decathlon Technology - HOMEPAGE

Managing and securing data for millions of accounts & billions of products

Operating at a worldwide scale for 400 million clients implies a solid management of data between international suppliers, warehouses, stores, and customers.

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Software & Ops

Software & Ops

From e-commerce to in-store experiences to real life sports practice, our engineers design and build solutions for millions of users worldwide.

Data Science and Engineering

Data Science and Engineering

Data is at the core of what we do here at Decathlon, essential at every step in the live-cycle of our products.

Product and Project Management

Product Management

With over forty years of experience in product innovation, we’re converting our expertise in physical product innovation into the digital world.

Security & Compliance


170 millions of people entrust us with their data. We consider security as job zero

Decathlon Technology - HOMEPAGE

Open positions at Decathlon Digital

Making sports more accessible on a global scale comes with challenges!

Join one of our teams to engineer the global scale solutions
behind Decathlon’s vision for sports accessibility