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With over forty years of experience in product innovation, we’re converting our expertise in physicFrom retail experiences to IRL and digital sporting goods, the solutions we create define the ways our teammates and users engage with sports.

Our Product team has a wide-ranging scope within Decathlon, encompassing digital sports tech: customer account management, connected sports experiences, e-commerce functionalities, Design, and UX. Product experts  focus on sports-related projects, including the design of connected sports products and applications for athletes and sports enthusiasts, as well as for our teammates.
Their expertise combines business, data, and tech to meet customer and user expectations, offering innovative solutions that enhance physical and digital experiences around sports and sporting goods.

Product Management

Innovation in our DNA

Decathlon’s been ahead of the game for 40 years, building accessible and innovative sports products, with an increasing focus on digital sports tech.

Today, our teams build digital products and services enhancing the global Decathlon experience and responding to customer needs and desires.

For example, we are creating a membership program to encourage sports practice, while re-imagining our purchase experience to offer second-hand sales and rental options. Thanks to warehouse robotics and logistic software, we’re able to guarantee the availability and fast delivery of our products.

Overall, we’re expanding the experience beyond purchase thanks to accessible sports services for all, like digital coaching and hiking maps.

Beyond the Field of Product Activation

Find out from Julien Fayos, our Head of Product Activation. Learn more about Decathlon Digital’s mission, our work culture built around people and the joy of sports, and how that empowers us to create the digital sports products of tomorrow.

Meet your future teammates!

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    Meet Thais, equestrian transhumance rider and Green IT Project Leader at Decathlon Digital.

    Today we meet Thais Deleforterie, a transhumance rider with a passion for the great outdoors. Her dream is to travel to the United States and lead a herd through the great plains of the Far West.
    We caught up with her and talked all things, work-life balance, what riding means to her, and her commitment to sustainability and the environment.

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