At Decathlon security is job zero, and we have a team of over 80 people worldwide working to protect the company with new defense solutions.

With 24-hour surveillance, they are responsible for protecting systems, devices, networks and data connected to the Internet from unauthorized access and criminal use.


With great infrastructures comes great responsibility

Across all products, platforms, and services, we ensure security for 170+ million customers, 100 000+ teammates, and their 40 000+ devices worldwide. To maintain these infrastructures, we operate a complex cloud-based environment comprising over 10 000 cloud instances across multiple providers (AWS, GCP, Yandex, Alicloud, etc.).

Because these responsibilities regarding security include not only our customers’ running data but also warehouses, stores, cash tills and robotics, and Operational Technology (OT) Security.

To ensure the detection and proper management of cyber incidents, our Hybrid Security Operating Center Team operates 24/7/365: we’re always on the clock to prevent and uncover threats to our products, services, or infrastructure.

How we partnered with bug bounty hunters to challenge our solutions

During the last edition of FIC (International Cybersecurity Forum) in Lille (France), we partnered with the YesWeHack organization to launch our first live bug bounty hunt, a 60-hour challenge open to the public where hunters dived into our e-commerce website to expose vulnerabilities.


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