Software & Ops

Software & Ops at Decathlon

From e-commerce to in-store experiences to real-life sports practice, our engineers design and build solutions for millions of users worldwide.

Software & Ops

Software at an international scale

Build for 400 million users.
Because Decathlon operates globally, we must create software that can scale up or down and adapt to 60+ unique local environments. Learning from others is also key to ensuring our users are supported by smart and useful digital tools, including e-commerce platforms, digital interfaces in stores, and sports services like digital coaching and hiking maps.

Build for 100 000 teammates.
As Decathlon becomes an increasingly digital company, we’re constantly upgrading how we can support and help our customers and teams in their experiences on our various interfaces. Our support functions are not merely technical, they’re human, designed by and for real people.

170 Million athletes & clients entrust us with their data; here is how we manage this responsibility.

Agile culture, observability, code quality, automation, and so many technical practices are necessary to deliver value with the highest quality and security on the Decathlon Membership Experience.

Software & Ops
Software & Ops

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