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Software Engineering

In today’s world, the wonders of sports rely on an ecosystem of in-store experiences, e-commerce platforms, and real-life sports practice. What – or who – is behind all of that? 

Our Software Engineering teams leverage programming skills and cutting-edge expertise to develop the core software and hardware systems that power Decathlon. Working across geographies and timezones, they write efficient code, apply best practices, ensure reliability and drive innovation across our digital and physical assets. From developing RFID technologies to perfecting connected bikes, our tech and engineering teams never drop the ball on sports tech.

Software & Ops

Software for everyone, everywhere

400 million users and 101,000 teammates worldwide

Because Decathlon operates globally, we create software that can scale up or down and adapt to 60+ unique local environments. Sharing knowledge across teams ensures that we build smart, useful digital tools that work, including e-commerce platforms, digital interfaces in stores, and sports services like virtual coaching and hiking maps.

As Decathlon becomes an increasingly digital company, we’re constantly upgrading how we support and help our customers and teams in their experiences across our interfaces. Our support functions are not merely technical: They’re human, designed by people for people.

Meet your future teammates!

  • Software & Ops

    Meet Baptiste, Senior Software Engineer and music passionate

    We had the opportunity to chat with Baptiste DAJON , whose enthusiasm for Apple technologies has deeply influenced his professional journey. With a passion ignited by his first iPod, Baptiste's objective has always been to harness the power of Apple's innovations to redefine and create unique user experience.

  • Software & Ops

    Meet Valentin, Freediver and Software Engineer in the Value Chain

    Valentin Nys currently holds the position of Software Development Engineer in the Value Chain at Decathlon Digital. Alongside his professional career, he excels as a high-level athlete in the sport of freediving, a pursuit he has been practicing for over 3 years, and he has recently reached new heights of achievement.