Your hiring process

​​At Decathlon Digital, we believe in a positive and inclusive candidate experience. Through structured interviews, we ensure equal, fair, and stress-free assessments, reflecting our commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all candidates and to cultivating a sense of team spirit.

Discover the steps of our recruitment process below, keeping in mind that they may vary depending on the position.

STEP 1 : Soft Skills Interview

At Decathlon Digital, a perfect match between our principles and yours paves the way for a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Discover whether our dynamic environment matches your expectations and how your qualities can fuel our shared passion for sport and well-being.

STEP 2 : Core Skills Interview

At Decathlon Digital, we want your career path to be as smooth and generative as possible.

Meet your future manager or a technical expert to discuss your past experiences, highlight your strengths, and identify areas where you can progress. This will also be an opportunity to address any questions you may have.

STEP 3 : Collaboration Interview

At Decathlon Digital, our teams rise to challenges and share triumphs in unison.

Demonstrate your team spirit and problem-solving skills to a potential future leader or teammate.

STEP 4 : and more possibilities…

Depending on the position you applied for, a case study can also be part of your recruitment process. Feel free to discuss these different stages with your recruiter.


If you’re applying for a leadership role, you’ll be able to tell us about your vision of a healthy team during this final interview. How do you handle direct reports, conflict management, decision-making, and task delegation? We'll also schedule a meeting with your future team so they can get to know you in person.

Bring your whole self to the game!

Coworkers on computers Take the lead

Just as we actively shape our careers as teammates, feel empowered to shape your first steps as a candidate for Decathlon.

Coworkers on computers Be a challenger

Ask questions, explore possibilities, and let's push the boundaries of our choices and visions together.

Coworkers chating Share

Dare to portray how you thrive and the impacts of your past experiences. Share what motivates you, what moves you.

Coworkers smiling Connect

In every sense of the word, including the literal one: as we primarily operate remotely, ensure that your internet connection is optimal for your interviews.


How do I apply for a position at Decathlon?

You can check all our open positions in the “our jobs” section. Once on this page, you can filter by type of contract, team, location, and language to find the position that best suits your expectations.
If a position interests you, click the Apply button and follow the application instructions.

Can I apply in another language other than French? What languages will be spoken during the interviews?

The organization's official communication languages are French and English. Interviews will be conducted in your chosen language, either English or French, with no specified preference for language in applications. However, the preferred language for applications may vary based on the location and the language specified in the job description.

There are many roles open on the website. Do I need to apply to all of them to maximize my chances?

We encourage you to apply for the role that better aligns with your skills, experience, and knowledge to enhance your chances significantly. However, our ATS and recruiting team are set up to identify the roles that better suit your profile, even if you did not apply directly for those roles.

How do I apply for an internship?

Check out all our internship/apprenticeship positions in the “our jobs” section and by selecting ‘internship’ in the Contract Type filter of the job search feature.

How does the company promote work-life balance? Do you have any insights on remote work policy?

Our remote work policy empowers our teammates to work from home up to two days a week.
Our leaders received guidance on effective hybrid work best practices and are encouraged to collaboratively establish a framework that strikes a balance between individual and collective/organizational requirements.

Can I apply to Decathlon even if I'm a novice in sports?

Of course! At Decathlon, we celebrate individuality! Decathlon values people from all walks of life. We understand not everyone will meet all the above qualifications on day one, and that's okay. We're looking for future teammates driven by a passion for their expertise and jobs, eager to channel that enthusiasm into moving people through the wonders of sports!