How we hire

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At Decathlon Digital, we believe in fostering a positive and inclusive candidate experience. Through structured interviews, we ensure equal, fair, and stress-free evaluations, reflecting our commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all candidates.

Explore the stages of our recruitment process below, keeping in mind they may vary based on the position you applied for. 

Soft Skills Interview

At Decathlon, a seamless match of principles between us and you sets the stage for a fulfilling work journey. 

This first step is where you explore if our dynamic environment aligns with your expectations and how your qualities can fuel our common passion for sports and wellness.

How we hire
Core Skills Interview

At Decathlon Digital, we want to make your career journey smooth and insightful. 

During this stage, you'll connect with your future manager or a technical expert to discuss about your past experiences, showcase your strengths and identify areas for growth. It will also be your chance to address any questions you may have. 

How we hire
Collaboration Interview

At Decathlon Digital, our teams conquer challenges and share triumphs as One. 

In this third stage, you'll engage with a potential future leader or colleague to showcase your team spirit and the way you solve problems. 

How we hire
Other specificities

A case-study stage can also be part of your recruitment process, depending on the role you applied for. Feel free to discuss these different stages with your recruiter. 

If you’re applying for a leadership role, you’ll be able to tell us about your vision of a healthy team during this final interview. How do you handle direct reports, conflict management, decision-making, and delegating tasks? We'll also schedule a meeting with your future team so they can get to know you in person. 

How we hire
How we hire

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